About Tanners Classic & Performance Motors

Tanner’s Classic and Performance Motors started as dream of mine in the late 70s. At that time I wanted to have a performance car dealership. I worked in my brother’s body shop sanding and taping cars. We worked our buts off all week to go to the local junkyard on saturday to buy parts. My brother has fond memories of sitting in a brand new 1970 Boss 302 at the local Ford dealership while in his teens. My earliest  memory of the muscle car era was 1971. I used to walk the long way home from school just to stop and stare at a 1970 grabber blue boss 302 Cougar Eliminator.

I was completely consumed by muscle cars by the time I hit high school thanks in part to taking frequent trips to Car Village in Lebanon, PA. Car Village was a muscle car dealer in the 70’s and 80’s. I remember skipping school to go there with my brother in 1980 to look at a Boss 429. But $4,500.00 was just too much for a kid in college with a part time job. I also remember a 1970 Hemi Charger in the front row that particular day. Those were the days! I remember thinking “this is what I want to do when I grow up”

Although I loved owning and driving muscle cars I found I enjoyed the thrill of the chase more than the catch. After owning and selling a variety of muscle cars, most of which I had to tow home and fix up. The automotive hobby took a back seat to raising a family. I still worked on collector cars occasionaly but did not have the time I needed to invest in them. However the enthusiasm remained.

So now, through the grace of God, I have three wonderful adult children and my wife’s career has blossomed. With my wife’s support I’m able to follow my nearly life long dream to persue a career in the classic car business. I started off getting a dealers license and selling late model cars to help pay the bills. However i found myself getting away from my core values. So I'm concentrating on buying, selling, restoring, and trading 60's and 70's Ford and Mercury muscle cars and parts.  

I try to describe vehicles as accurately as possible. I also post a variety of pictures and a video of each vehicle. I also research the vehicles and represent them as accurately as possible. I believe in the “golden rule” and treat other people as I want to be treated. I pride my self on honesty and integrity. I also encourage vehicle inspections by the buyer or buyers representative. 

Thank you for viewing my website. It will be my pleasure to business with you.

Best Regards,

LeRoy Tanner